Cookiethon 2016

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Sunday, December 04 10:00am - 6:00pm

Cookie Cam!

Psst: ineed / cookies

Tales of yore hint at it. There are songs sung about it. Princes wake from their enchanted slumber as though kissed, and small children's heads have been known to literally explode with delight when the name is spoke: COOKIETHON The season is upon us and my friends, cohorts, and loved ones, we're throwing this party of baking again because we love you and because we are ever-so-slightly insane. Even if you've been to a Cookiethon before you should examine and pore through this invite: it acts not only as your ticket, your pass to a magical land of fun but also as a guide to the tribulations that lay ahead. These words mean something, and you should read them.

The basic building block of Cookiethon is pretty straightforward:

Attached to the top of that block is more stuff, such as all the smart and well-spoken people that show up. Affixed to the side you'll find food and drink - some of it you bring, some of it you don't. There's a festive atmosphere that is only enhanced with colorful, hand-crafted aprons. Are there supplies for decorating? Indubitably. Will you find holiday cheer -slash- liquid courage -slash- introvert armor in the form of high-quality hooch? MAYHAPS. Old friends catch up, new friends are found. It's a party, pure and simple, suitable for children and other quality individuals.

This year's Cookiethon will be on Sunday December 4th, 2016. As we did last year we'll be powering the ovens on exactly at 10AM, and as we did last year we'll be shutting them at 6PM. We will have for your baking and partying needs:

YOU, on the other hand, should bring with you:

We'll also have a smattering of baking supplies to craft your own recipes HOWEVER, and we cannot stress this enough, we'd really like you to pre-mix your dough. We recognize everyone's lives are busy and there is always lots to do. But the 10 minutes it takes to pre-mix the night before means that much more time you'll have to chat and boogie down or whatever it is you millennials do these days. For real? Pre-mix.

However you do it up, there'll be a Mac-truck quantity of decorating sugars, completely illegal silver dragees, and sprinkles to make your creations sparkle before you shove them into your cookie-holes. We'll also have some non-cookie foodstuffs on hand for when you decide maybe something not-a-cookie is needed.

(A Note About Heroes Of Cookiethon: did you want to be a Hero Of Cookiethon? I bet you did. You should reach out to us to see what that is.)


You may see this invite in a variety of places and you should RSVP via whatever method works best for you. We love you all, and this invite is specifically for YOU and YOUR loved ones: if you'd like to bring someone else, DM one of the hosts and we'll happily extend THEM a personal invite.

Each year there are a few questions and we're pleased as rum punch to answer them: just email or DM one of the hosts or comment wherever you found this invite, and someone will answer it (though try to ask before the party since it's kind of hard to make Swype work while wearing oven mitts). There are indoor/outdoor cats living in this house and while they won't really make an appearance you should get yer allergy meds on. Butterhenge starts when the heavy cream caffe lattes show up.