Cookiethon 2015

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Sunday, December 13 10:00am - 6:00pm

Cookie Cam!

Psst: cookie / thon15


Also, read below for THE NEW THINGS FOR THIS YEAR, summarized as:


These are the days that try men's souls and for that we will ignore everything and instead gather for the yearly party that involves baking and, well, more baking. This year's extravaganza of both cookies and thoning will be on Sunday Dec 13, 2015 and oh gurrrl there are changes this year so please be sure you read all the way down to the end, especially if you've been to Cookiethon before and think you know what you're doing. There are NEW THINGS, and there may be a test.

Let's talk basics: Cookiethon operates on these simple yet wholesome guiding principles:

  1. You show up.
  2. You bake cookies.
  3. You eat cookies.

There's other stuff that happens. Your friends show up, there's food, and people hang out. It's a party, you know? Very nice people all show up at around the same time and talk to each other and it's a fun time. All the aprons are festive. New friends meet old friends. Sometimes people re-meet after not seeing each other since the LAST Cookiethon.

This year, in 2015, we're going to start Cookiethon when the ovens turn on, which will be no sooner than 10AM. At 6PM, we'll be turning the ovens off and then going straight to bed. THIS IS A NEW THING: after running experiments on all of you over the last several years we've determined the optimal time for baking cookies, and it is 10AM through 6PM. Apparently baking cookies all day long is conducive to neither cookies nor hosts, so we're going to kick you all out promptly this year. Hooray for data!

For those of you aching to get your oven-mitt-coated mitts into the baking insanity, Cookiethon will have at the ready:

We'll also have for you all manner of baking accoutrements; HOWEVER, we'd like to strongly, emphatically urge you to pre-mix your dough. THIS IS ANOTHER NEW THING. Did you know you can pre-mix almost anything and truck it in? And nearly every cookie recipe can be frozen after premixing, then just scooped out onto a tray and baked. As Captain T McGillicuddy says, "A lack of preparation is a prescription for mishaps": take this to heart, and pre-make your dough. If you've got a specific recipe that you're unsure of, hey, email it to us and our cookie experts will look at it. Or heck, test it yourself (bonus: you get more cookies). Or just bring some non-cookie-type food for everyone!

Regardless, there will be enough decorating sugars, sprinkles, and dragees to fill a Scrooge McDuck -style vault and then swim around in it. Also we'll have some foods and drinks and Sharpies for tattoos and probably some cookies. It's a party, you know how these things go.

(Hey, ALSO there's something else that's new: did you know that you could be a Hero Of Cookiethon? THIS IS ALSO A NEW THING. You should reach out to us to see what that is.)

You may see this invite via multiple places; please feel free to RSVP on whatever of those works best for you. This invite is for you and yours specifically: if you'd like to bring someone else along, DM one of the hosts and we'll happily extend an invite.

Every year there are questions, and we are happy to answer them! We're too lazy to compile a FAQ so feel free to ask! You can email the hosts, or post it where you found this invite. Consider that during the party we'll have our hands wrapped in oven mitts, so maybe try to ask in advance. We do have indoor / outdoor cats, so maybe come armed with an anti-allergen if that's your thing. Butterhenge starts when the triple heavy cream lattes show up.