Cookiethon 2014

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Sunday, December 7 at 9:00am

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, it's TIME - snag yer spatulas and grab your honeys, and get yer asses down to COOKIETHON! The bash that brings baking and beautiful badasses banging bowls and being brash all together in one building begins on Dec 7th. Do you want to go? You're goddamn right you do!

Even if you've done this before you should read through to the bottom because there may be something you missed or didn't know, and also because it's funny.

Cookiethon works like this:

  1. You show up.
  2. You bake cookies.
  3. You eat cookies.

A survey of average households in America indicates that there's other stuff happening, too: people meet and catch up from the last time they saw each other (in some cases the last time they saw each other was last year's Cookiethon), stories are swapped, drinks are dranked, there's fun and a real time cookie webcam feed and we light stuff on fire and I think last time we had not one but two Astro-Weenie Trees and we eat more cookies and shout and laugh and people get tattooed and hugged and loved all at the same time. We make a replica of Stonehenge or Machu Picchu out of nothing but butter and then use that butter to make cookies, and people bring nog and other nifty inventions, and really there's not much more you can ask for. It is the ball of the season, and you can be the bell(e).

Cookiethon starts whenever we turn the ovens on - usually about 9AM or so - and continues well throughout the day and into the evening. This is an all-day party, and you're free to show up and depart whenever you like.

We will have at the ready and make available to you:

You can bring any amount of the things above to increase our chance of success. Maybe you think one mixer isn't enough? OK. Perhaps there's a new bourbon or rum that you'd like to share because it's like a hug for your stomach? Bring it. Maybe you'd like to try out your new full-body articulated raptor costume? So would we! Some other things you should consider bringing along with you:

We love you dearly, and we're asking that you abstain from bringing the following:

"This is all well and good", I hear you say, "but where is this magical place if not already in our hearts?" Let me lay down some phat details for you son, and you can put them into whatever device or reminder-o-tron you have handy:

You may see this invite via multiple places; please feel free to RSVP on whatever of those works best for you. Every year there are questions, and we are happy to answer them! We're too lazy to compile a FAQ (though really, we wouldn't really want to have a party that came with a FAQ) so feel free to ask! You can email the hosts, or post it where you found this invite. Consider that during the party we'll have our hands wrapped in oven mitts, so maybe try to ask in advance. If you're planning on coming in super late though DO let us know: last year we had someone show up late and the ovens were turned BACK ON, which we were super happy to oblige. We do have indoor / outdoor cats, so maybe come armed with an anti-allergen if that's your thing. Butterhenge starts when the double lattes show up.